Ascent Benefits for Students

Tips & Programs to Help Expand Possibilities for Students

Beyond a Student Loan

Ascent is invested in your journey to academic and financial wellness by offering benefits that go beyond a student loan. We encourage awareness of the potential financial outcomes of your college choices (school, major, years in school, financing your education), helping you visualize where your career could go and what it could be – encouraging better decisions today to open up greater future opportunities.  Ascent offers additional resources to help you thrive throughout college and beyond. From learning how to find a cosigner and how to budget during school to how to find a mentor and secure a job after college, Ascent is committed to helping you on your journey to financial success.


In this section, you can find:

  • Short videos on a range of topics: budgeting, how to talk to your roommates, the best student discounts, etc.
  • Quick guides to understand the world of students loans and how to pay for college
  • Helpful blogs written for students, parents and borrowers
  • Partner community with our top picks for financial resources