Our Partners

Ascent Funding, LLC. (“Ascent Student Loans”, “Ascent”) was created to help revolutionize the way people pay for college. To ensure the best possible experience for our customers, clients and schools, Ascent leverages a wide network of partners.


The Originator Processor (GS2)

The Originator Processor (GS2)

Goal Structured Solutions, Inc. (“GS2”) is the parent company of Ascent Funding, LLC.  GS2 is an award-winning, employee-owned education finance asset management company. GS2 has been working collaboratively in the student loan industry for more than a decade to provide customized products and services for education financing.  GS2 manages more than $26 billion in student loans (both private and federally guaranteed) for its clients and partners. GS2 performs services for schools, investors, banks, and hedge funds, helping them manage their returns and asset performance more effectively. In addition to Ascent Funding, LLC, GS2 provides a comprehensive line of products and services. To learn more about GS2, visit:

Lending Partner (RSB)

Lending Partner

Ascent Student Loans are made by the lender, Richland State Bank (RSB), Member FDIC.


Loan Servicer Partner (UAS)

Loan Servicer Partner

University Account Service (UAS) is the loan servicer for Ascent Student Loans. UAS is a leading student loan servicing company, and they are responsible for sending statements, processing payments, and providing general account guidance. If you have questions about an existing loan, such as payment or forbearance information, please contact the loan servicer, University Accounting Services, at 800-999-6227 or visit:

University Accounting Service, LLC
PO Box 5865
Carol Stream, IL 60197-5865

Partnership Opportunities

For schools and companies interested in learning more about partnership opportunities, please call our Business Development Team at 619-980-6441 or email [email protected].

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For schools and partners interested in learning more about Ascent Student Loans, including eligibility requirements and partnership opportunities, please call our Business Development Team at 619-980-6441, email [email protected] or complete the form below.