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Ascent Student Loans give you more opportunities to
get the money you need to pay for college.

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Ascent Tuition Loan:
For College Students with
a creditworthy Cosigner


Variable APR: 3.52% – 12.81%
Fixed APR: 4.09% – 12.94%

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Ascent Independent Loan:
ONLY for full-time Juniors, Seniors & Graduate Students*


Variable APR: 3.52% – 12.81%
Fixed APR: 4.09% – 12.94%

Learn more or see repayment examples.
Rates effective as of 10/01/2019 and include a 0.25% discount applied when a borrower in repayment
elects automatic debit payments via their personal checking account.


NOTE: Ascent considers several factors,  which may include: creditworthiness, school, program, graduation date, major, cost of attendance, and other factors that could allow for students to obtain a loan in their own name without a cosigner. Because the Ascent Independent loan is available to students without any reliance on cosigners, processing times may be longer and loan amounts may be lower than the loan amount requested.
*Ascent Independent loans are for college Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students that are full-time enrolled in a degree program at an eligible institution.
– MUST be U.S. citizens or have U.S. permanent resident status.
– MUST have satisfactory academic performance of 2.5 GPA or greater.