Ascent Cash Back Graduation Reward

1% Cash Back Graduation Reward Subject to Terms & Conditions


In order to be eligible for the 1% Cash Back Graduation Reward, borrower must meet the following criteria after graduation:

  • The student borrower must initiate the request for the granting of the graduation reward.
  • The student borrower has graduated from the degree program that the loan was used to fund.
  • The student borrower must provide adequate documentation to verify proof-of-graduation under the requisite degree program.
  • The student borrower may change majors and/or transfer to a different school, but must obtain the same level of degree (e.g. – undergraduate or graduate)
  • The graduation date is more than 90 days and less than five (5) years after the date of the loan’s first disbursement.
  • Any loan that the student has borrowed under the Ascent loan is not more than 30-days delinquent or in a default status as of the graduation date and until any Graduation Reward is paid.
  • The loan must not have been refinanced or consolidated with another lender prior to redeeming the reward.
  • The student borrower must enroll in Automatic Debit payments for repayment of the loan.
  • The student borrower must provide information that enables the Lender to deliver the funds electronically.
  • The Lender (or loan owner at the applicable time) will calculate the 1% Cash Back Graduation Reward based on the original principal balance of the applicable loan.  Such amount will be sent to the student borrower in an agreed upon format such as direct deposit or check.
  • The student borrower is only eligible to receive the reward one time.

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