Student Loans are a Labor of Love

In this post, we’ll take a look at how student loans can enable you to prioritize your educational path and what types of financial aid may be right for your situation. We’ll also check out some questions you may ask yourself to determine which financial path is right for you. Wherever you come from and wherever you’re going, Ascent aims to provide you the assistance you need to succeed. […] Read more

College Student Loans: The Ascent Approach | Forbes


“Fundamental to Ascent’s approach is urging consumers of higher education to understand taking on a loan as businesses often do—as a smart investment in future earnings. It takes training to be smart. To learn more about their approach, I spoke with Ken Ruggiero, CEO of Goal Structure Solutions, which launched its Ascent Student Loans Program in 2017, in part due to what Ken had witnessed the year before as his son sought to understand and navigate the college process.”

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Back to School: Planning for the Year Ahead

Once you have the budgeting ball rolling, it’s much easier to keep it going, but you’ll still have to work through the occasional bump in the road. We’ll explore some of the mental and financial challenges the school year can present, and ways to overcome these obstacles. By building upon your previous budgeting and planning knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to take on whatever challenges you may face on the path to higher education. […] Read more